What you will learn

Chapters of the book


A short introduction

Django admin configuration

. Creating models
. Creating fake data
. Adding models to admin
. Displaying models
. Filtering models
. Searching
. Improve performances

Extend functionalities

. list_display : add custom fields
. list_display : custom links
. list_display : add actions
. Add actions with intermediate page
. list_display : add custom filter
. list_display : display a database view
. list_display : proxying a model
. list_display : change field empty value
. list_display : using inlines
. change_view : show uneditable fields
. ModelAdmin methods


. Admin basics customisation
. Custom admin class and templates
. Adding chart.js
. Adding bootstrap
. Custom index_page
. Ordering models on index_page
. Admin login page customisation

Advance customisation

. Admin new branding
. Rebrand base.html
. Rebrand index.html
. Rebrand change_list.html
. Add view to index.html

Access and right management

. Duplicate admin access
. Manage admin permissions for users and groups
. Override permissions
. Filter models content

About the author

Christophe Surbier

Christophe Surbier

Christophe Surbier is a freelance mobile application developer since 2009. He has developed more than one hundred iOS native applications, and then switched to hybride applications development with Ionic framework in 2016.

If you want to learn more about Django, you can visit my other website Ionic and Django tutorials